"Creating a Demonstration City for Communists" We are in action



On the morning of May 25, 2019, the Party Branch of Jiangxi Vogel Photoelectric Co., Ltd. launched "Creating a Demonstration City for Communists", our Party Day activity on the theme of action, which was chaired by Zou Weilong, Secretary of the Party Branch of the company. On the theme day, we concentrated on studying "Regulations on the Assessment of Party and Government Leading Cadres" and "Regulations on the Work of Party Groups of the Communist Party of China". 》 The spirit of the speech delivered on April 19 at the special study meeting of the theoretical learning center group of the Municipal Party Committee on combating gangland and evil, the key tasks of Party building at the grass-roots level in the whole province, and the spirit of the speech made by Comrade Jiang Bin, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee on April 2 at the meeting of the leading group of the special inspection and rectification work of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee on combating gangland and evil. Discussions were made on such issues as tackling poverty and tackling hardships.

Liu Lu, a member of the CPC, said in his speech that the decision of the CPC Central Committee to eradicate gangsters, eradicate evil and fight against poverty has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which reflects that our Party has never forgotten its original intention and kept its mission in mind. As a Party member, we should keep a high degree of consistency in ideology and action with the CPC Central Committee, work for the Party within our capabilities and do our duty well.

After learning and discussing, the members and volunteers of the company drove to the five-star village committee and the Tanyu village committee's home for the elderly in Shuixi Town to send rice, cooking oil, rice dumplings, milk cakes and other Dragon Boat Festival consolations, so that the elderly in the home could enjoy a warm and happy festival.

Receiving festival greetings from Vogel Photovoltaic Company and its Party Branch, the old people in their homes were very happy and expressed their gratitude to everyone and Society for their care. The strong fragrance of Zongxiang warmed the old man's heart, the strong greetings shortened everyone's distance, and the home for recuperation was full of warmth and happiness.

"Respecting, loving and helping the elderly" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Zou Weilong, Secretary of the Vogue Optoelectronic Party Branch, said that in order to practice the corporate culture of "unity of knowledge and practice, respect for heaven and love people", the company organized party members and volunteers to enter the home to provide love, which not only embodied the implementation of the company's "building a model city of the Communist Party", but also embodied the spirit of "building a model city of the Communist Party". The social responsibility of a listed company has been realized, which can inspire the majority of Party members to establish a sense of purpose and pass on their love and kindness.