Quality Center 5S Competition



In order to improve the overall quality of the whole staff, improve the overall efficiency of production, develop good working habits, ensure that the company maintains a good momentum of development and manages to a higher level, the company held a "5S" competition start-up meeting in W2 Park on the morning of April 19. More than 30 people from management and staff representatives of various departments of the company participated in the opening ceremony. Move the conference.

Firstly, Liu Wenhui, the company's quality manager, gave a brief introduction to the agenda, implementation plan, organizational structure and methods of the event. Then, he Zhibin, the company's executive vice president, delivered a speech to the event. He said: first, to ensure the implementation and implementation of this management activity in an organizational way; second, to implement the reality. We should implement programs and incentives to supervise the development of 5S activities. Thirdly, we should intensify propaganda. Finally, all members stood up to take the oath of "5S" activities.

Employees, the prelude of the company's promotion of "5S" management work has been opened and the horn has sounded. But in order to truly carry out all kinds of management and achieve results, the key lies in the determination of the company's top level, the confidence of the middle level, the perseverance of the staff, the participation of all employees, and more importantly, the sense of responsibility of our managers at all levels. A sense of urgency and mission.