Entering Fenyide Renyuan Activity



With care and warmth, on May 31, when the 70th "61" International Children's Day is approaching, company members and volunteers drive to Derenyuan, Fenyi County, to visit the children of Derenyuan, and bring food oil, rice, milk, pastries and other condolences, so that children can enjoy a warm life. Happy holidays. Receiving festival greetings from Vogue Photoelectric Company and Party Branch of the company, Huang Meisheng, Principal Dad of Derenyuan, expressed his sincere thanks. 

Later, President Huang led the party members and volunteers to visit the activity room, study room, canteen, dormitory and self-sufficient vegetable garden. After the visit, everyone was inspired and impressed by the great feelings of the principals and teachers in treating the cause of education with such care for decades as day by day, and in teaching, educating and loving others. To be moved and grateful for the healthy growth, gratitude and love of children's life and learning status.