Second "WG Tech" All-round Basketball Match



On the afternoon of March 29, the opening ceremony of the 2nd "WG Tech" All-round Basketball Match was solemnly held in the W2 Park Basketball Court. The opening ceremony was attended by He Zhibin, Vice General Manager Kong Luning, Vice General Manager Liu Wengao, Quality Director Gao Xiang and team leaders.

First of all, Vice General Manager Kong Luning addressed the opening ceremony. She hoped that the contestants would gain profound friendship in this competition and wished you all good results. Afterwards, the referee, on behalf of Wu Hourong, swore on behalf of all the referees: strictly abide by the rules of the game, respect the athletes, respect the objective facts, and ensure the fair, just and smooth progress of the game.

Finally, athletes on behalf of Yang Zhigang, Duan Jingyu on behalf of all athletes swear: strictly abide by the rules of the game, resolutely obey the command, obey the referee; style, level! With the whistle of the referee, the second "Vogue Photoelectric Cup" basketball match officially opened.

This basketball match has six teams participating, and will be a fierce competition for 11 days. I believe this new basketball match will offer you a wonderful visual feast.