Wg-tech Tree Planting Day on March 12,2019



Heaven tree planted today, Wanzhang high-rise flat up; across the Phoenix by Luan Wanli, such as the fire in full swing to determine the universe!

In March of Yangchun, the vegetation is beautiful and moist. In order to further improve the green awareness and civilized quality of company staff, create a green working environment and build a harmonious cultural enterprise. The company launched a series of tree planting festival activities in W2 Park on the morning of March 12. More than ten members of the company's management team participated in the event.。

    Before the event, Kong Xuanning, deputy general manager of the company's operation center, delivered a speech for Tree Planting Day. She said that after the normal off-season, the company is ready to enter a state of rapid expansion. In order to carry forward the spirit of Vogue, and to make your Vogue family pay more attention to quality and production, we have prepared quality tree, manufacturing tree, evergreen tree, research and development book, Ankang tree, operation tree and business tree. It is hoped that these trees will grow into towering trees with Vogel, and that Vogel employees will be as upright and upright as these trees.

The planting of each tree symbolizes a green hope; every drop of sweat, every shovel of earth filling, represents everyone's dedication and care.。   

Through this tree planting activity, not only the ability of unity and cooperation among the members of the company has been exercised, but also more employees of the company have been called into the tree planting ranks in this way. Planting a tree, dedicating a love, increasing a hope!