"Respect for Women and Care for Women Workers" March 8th Women Day



In order to improve women's health knowledge level, enhance self-health awareness, care for women and pay attention to health, on the morning of March 8, the company invited Director Liu of the Fourth Municipal Hospital to give a lecture on caring for women's occupational, psychological and physiological health knowledge. More than 300 female employees of the company attended the lecture.。

Before the lecture, Liu Mao, director of human resources of the company, explained how to adjust the mindset and keep a happy mood for the women workers in their life and work. He also emphasized that the company needs a large number of basic management cadres in the future. He hoped that the staff would improve their physical and mental health and prepare for the future.。

During the lecture, Director Liu, based on his many years of clinical experience, gave you detailed examples of the occurrence and development of many common gynecological diseases in life, as well as the early symptoms and diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. At the same time, he taught you the preventive measures of gynecological diseases, and reminded women compatriots to pay more attention to their health at ordinary times, and to go to the hospital regularly for examination. Current problems should be treated promptly, and the health concept of prevention as the main and treatment as the supplement should be developed.

At the end of the lecture, Director Liu interacted with you on the spot, answered the gynecological questions raised by you, and put forward practical solutions for them. Director Liu's serious, rigorous and in-depth lectures attracted everyone present. Everyone expressed that Director Sun's lectures were both excellent and practical, and had great significance for improving health awareness and self-protection ability. After the lecture, the company also prepared a holiday benefit for women workers.

The seminar benefited women workers of the company. They warmly welcomed such meaningful activities and hoped to organize more such activities in the future.。