Hold up the dream, Vogel Photoelectric Help Gesanghua Exploration Camp



In order to fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and help overcome poverty, Jiangxi Vogel Photoelectric Co., Ltd. donated 300,000 yuan of charitable donations to Qinghai Gesanghua Education Assistance Association through the Beijing Huayu Student Assistance Foundation Vogel Special Charity Fund, which is used for the "walking Gesanghua" exploration camp project to support western children to walk out of the plateau and see the world. In addition to the Beijing Exploration Camp, there will also be the Guangzhou Exploration Camp "Walking Gesanghua" in November this year. At that time, I hope that this different trip will bring happiness and growth to the children participating in the Guangzhou Camp.。

At 9:09 a.m. on Jan. 9, 2019, accompanied by a long whistle, train Z1522 slowly pulled out of Xining Station. Outside, it was wrapped in plain silver, and inside the carriage were children's laughter and laughter. They are the "walking Gesanghua" exploration camp project, the first group of children to participate in the activities - - 49 teachers and students in Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, Qinghai Province, which is also the first time that many children come out of Menyuan County.。

When they first arrived in Beijing, the students were immediately ignited by the novelty and surprise around them. During the ten-day exploratory camp activities, they left indelible deep memories. Wandering in Old Summer Palace, enjoying history, walking in the Summer Palace, experiencing culture, walking to Tiananmen, watching the flag raising, walking through the Chinese museum to absorb the essence, magnificent grandeur, beautiful beauty, zoos, science and Technology Museum, every day in Beijing, all the children's hearts are shocked.。

In Tsinghua University, children are deeply influenced by the cultural essence of the Millennium Academy, reading the classic motto of "self-improvement, good morality". Su Jinzhen, a student from the first boarding junior high school in Menyuan County, was deeply impressed by the moonlight in the lotus pond in the Chinese textbook of Tsinghua Pavilion: "The school is really beautiful, there are Western-style small buildings, as well as modern high-rise buildings;" I hope I can enter Tsinghua University.

In addition to the amazing sightseeing, the city exploration activities in Beijing make children remember vividly. They have to experience buying subway cards and taking buses by themselves. They also have to find 10 strangers on the street and introduce their hometown bravely and generously. This experience is very challenging for students who seldom go out in poor mountainous areas. Some children are rejected by passers-by as soon as they open their mouths. Just when we are worried about it, the optimism and courage of the children infect us all: "It's all right. They should be busy." "It's understandable that they should be defensive." In this way, failures come again, the children are not discouraged, courage is slowly growing. Perhaps it is this sincerity and persistence that infected passers-by. They have completed their tasks one by one, not only exercised the courage of children, but also let the little guys learn how to communicate with strangers, how to show themselves to others.

Cai Aolan, a second boarding junior high school student in Menyuan County, said, "When I finished my task, I was confident to lead our group, but I was rejected. In a moment, my mind was blank. With the encouragement of my volunteer sister, I failed for the second and third time, but succeeded for the fourth time!" Instantly, the uneasiness in my heart disappeared and the sunshine revolved around me again.。