Volunteers carry out environmental sanitation cleaning activities in Chuangcheng



In order to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Party members in the work of creating a civilized city in the whole country, further enhance their sense of responsibility and service, stimulate everyone's enthusiasm to take part in the activities of creating a civilized city actively, and promote the in-depth development of the work of creating a civilized city in Xinyu. On December 9, the Party Branch of Jiangxi Vogel Photoelectric Co., Ltd. organized voluntary service activities for Party members, and carried out environmental hygiene cleaning in sub-groups on sections of the unit's responsibility area, so as to make every effort to help Xinyu create a city!

Although the early winter weather has been somewhat cold, it has not affected the enthusiasm of Party members'volunteers at all! During the activity, the members of the Party Committee of the company took the lead in setting an example and taking the lead in action. The party members and volunteers cleaned up the garbage, paper scraps and fallen leaves of several sections of the unit's responsibility area in an all-round way, fully demonstrating the good spiritual features of the volunteers who are not afraid of dirt, hardship and fatigue.。

This volunteer service activity is the concrete manifestation of the institutionalization and normalization of the volunteer service activities of Party members in the company since the work of Xinyu City to create a civilized city in the whole country was carried out. We also agreed that we should take more active part in volunteer service activities in the future. We should start from ourselves and small things, spread civilization, beautify the environment, drive others, abandon stereotypes and bad habits, establish civilized concepts, promote new civilized trends, and contribute to the creation of civilized cities throughout the country.