Wg-tech third quarter "Force Camp" middle and high level development activities



The same piece of iron can be sawed and destroyed or made into steel; the same team can do nothing and achieve great achievements. In order to improve the ability of team cooperation, we should establish positive communication, mutual trust, solidarity and cooperation among employees, cultivate team awareness, enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of employees, and show the style of Vogue people. On December 1, 2018, Vogel Optoelectronics opened the third season of "Force Camp" middle and senior management development training.

This activity centers on the two themes of "team melting" and "self-challenge", aiming to exercise the strong will of managers and enhance the cohesion and overall centripetal force of management team. Through the development of activities, all people can quickly integrate into the team and find a sense of collective belonging.。

"You have more than you think." The coach in charge of the event quoted this famous saying to open the curtain of outward bound training. The coach first introduced the origin of outward bound training, and then through a series of happy activities, to create a team atmosphere and establish the basis of mutual trust. Then, under the guidance of the coach, all the staff were divided into three groups to compete in the activities of trams, circles of excellence, the blind square and the NASCAR paintings.

The strength of the three groups is comparable, each has its own merits, but we are not comparing the high and low, but in the process, what you have gained, what you have learned, how the previous working methods and behavioral patterns have hindered your work, and how the distortion of uploading and issuing has affected the execution.

Through this outward bound training, each group saw the advantages and disadvantages of the group, but also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work. Colleagues learn in practice, change in experiential learning, benefit a lot, and have more insights into life. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration and courage, everyone deeply feels the essence of "responsibility, collaboration, self-confidence" and the responsibility to be undertaken as a member of the team. At this time, under intense work and pressure, close to nature, feel green mountains and rivers, let go of the soul, improve work efficiency, mobilize enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the company's human construction and sustainable development provides a solid foundation.