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Eat: canteen clean and provide free meals (brand and distribution of oil, rice, vegetables)
Live: to provide free accommodation, complete set, 4-6 earth, air conditioning, hot water, private bathroom, equipped with a network cable, the plant flowers.
Line: Downtown free shuttle bus plant, the company shed with charging facilities.
Play: Young business, young team, hotties gathered, workers average age of 25 years, a variety of cultural activities.
Working environment: 24 hours constant clean room, spring, glass-based products, health and safety.
Promotion channel: Workers - Leader - Foreman - Supervisor - Manager / worker - Technician - Engineer - Senior Engineer
Other benefits
1, full "insurance policy" for the lifting of the pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity, home to worry about.
2, paid annual leave, 5-15 days of paid annual leave.
3, educated at public expense job training, work and study correct.
4, staff travel, the whole family wins.
5, the festival benefits, birthday welfare, charity fund, volunteer service ......