Wager family affairs, poverty alleviation voluntary activities, fingerprint punch in notice



Wager family affairs, poverty alleviation volunteer activities, fingerprint punch in notice... There are many important news

Know the big and small things about Vogel

"Vogel family affairs" is our latest column. We'll tell you something about our Vogel and your relevant Vogel information~~

Recent Vogel events, let you rob the prophe

1 / visit home


(home for self-care in tingzi village, Shuixi)


(home of old house village in Shuibei)

The Dragon Boat Festival, gratitude to the community, Vogel practice social responsibility. On June 18 and 19, just around the Dragon Boat Festival, the Vogel branch carried out the activity of "being an action group and promoting great changes". They visited the home of self-care in Dingzi village, Shuibei Laowu village and the families of poor families respectively, and sent the old people about 1500 yuan worth of zongzi, milk, rice, oil and other materials, hoping to add warmth to the old people's Dragon Boat Festival and build confidence for the poor families.

2/ Hot internal expansion

On June 20, facing the warm sun (actually the hot sun), the management of the second and third departments began to expand internally. Under the witness of blue sky and green grass, we have completed one meaningful project after another, grasped the hands of both team-mates, and interpreted "unity, endeavor, struggle and dream". If you want to see the wonderful moments, you can watch the video~

3/ Fingerprint punch notification


Everybody, move the bench and sit down! (cough) since Monday, June 22, the fingerprint clock that has been away for a long time has finally come back! With a little finger, the sound of "beep" is familiar. It means our life is getting on the right track. So, my friends, don't use IC card to punch cards. We have posted the punch card notice in all punch card areas and publicity platforms of the company. Let's hurry up!

4/ Environmental safety knowledge training


On the afternoon of June 19, the training course of accident prevention and case analysis was held in the lecture hall on the 4th floor of building a of W2 park. The training focuses on the general situation of accidents and events in the past two years, the leading causes of accidents, high-risk operation cases and their analysis, and analyzes them in a simple and profound way by combining video cases with text theory. When seeing part of the hidden danger accidents caused by safety negligence, the scene was startled, and all the participants said that "they have a deep memory and a lot of gains."