A trip to Jinggang and a lifetime situation in Jinggang-Sidelights on the training of Party members and cadres in wgtech



"As soon as the Red Army is sent down to Nanshan, the autumn wind and drizzling rain pour on the cold; when will the Red Army return to the mountains after the leaves of the sycamore trees have fallen? Second send-off to the Red Army roadside, red lacquer table roadside, on the table with farewell wine, wish the Red Army win the war..." It is believed that this familiar melody will haunt our minds from time to time. On April 20, 2019, all the senior and middle-level leaders and Party members of Vogue Optoelectronic Company were inspired. They changed their work clothes into Red Army clothes and pursued the red footprint. They experienced the red life in Jinggangshan Mountain, felt the spiritual cleansing brought by red rice and pumpkin soup, felt the revolutionary tradition of that year, and felt the indomitable national integrity of the Chinese nation. Feel the red history.

On April 20 and 21, the Jinggangshan Spiritual Education Activity organized by Vogue Optoelectronic Party Branch was held in Jinggangshan. A total of 38 members from the Party Branch and senior management cadres of the company participated in the special education activity. Zou Weilong, Secretary of the Party branch of the company, addressed the opening mobilization meeting. At the meeting, Party members and leading cadres were asked to study the Party's history carefully, learn the revolutionary martyrs and advanced models, keep in mind the Party's fine traditions and style, establish lofty moral pursuit, foster self-discipline, and keep the benchmarks and baselines for people and work. On paper, you always feel shallow and know nothing about it.In the critical period of transformation and upgrading of the company, Party members and cadres at all levels should fully carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan, keep pace with the times and not disgrace their mission. At the same time, we are encouraged to recognize the situation, review the time, never forget the initiative and strive for success. We should fully recognize the importance and necessity of this special training, carry forward the core values of social justice, move forward, keep in mind our mission, set an example in our work, and take this training as an opportunity to continuously improve ourselves. Comprehensive quality, carry forward the past, innovate ideas and seek development, cherish this training opportunity, ensure the effectiveness of training, and in the future work to sublimate their ideological realm and strive to practice.

Forgetting the past is betrayal. To come to Jinggangshan is to explore the source of ideals and beliefs, to learn the spirit of Jinggangshan, to supplement the spirit of "calcium". Through the Party lesson education of recalling the history of the struggle in Jinggangshan, Party members and cadres visited Jinggangshan Martyrs'Cemetery, Jinggangshan Museum, Nanshan Park and other important sites reflecting the history of the revolutionary struggle of the Red Army, revisited the affidavit of joining the Party, carried out a series of activities, such as re-taking the path of the Red Army to pick grain and experiencing the life of the Red Army. We should combine theoretical learning with on-site teaching and adopt thematic, passionate, interactive and on-site experience teaching modes so as to enable Party members and cadres participating in the training to learn, understand and experience the red classical history in an all-round way, to remember the glorious footprints of their forefathers, to carry forward the spirit of the red revolution, and to strengthen the vision and core values of the company. To firmly promote the transformation and upgrading of the company's leapfrog development responsibility, firm implementation of the company's lean management determination and confidence, forge a struggler-oriented and sustained creativity of the elaborate organization.

Party members and cadres participating in the training said that the revolutionary struggle in Jinggangshan not only ignited the spark of the Chinese revolution, opened up the pioneer of the Chinese revolution, but also nurtured the great spirit of Jinggangshan. When we come to Jinggangshan to receive revolutionary traditional education, we need to look in the mirror, self-review, self-criticism, to pursue the glorious track of the revolutionary martyrs, to personally experience the difficulties and difficulties of the revolution, to absorb spiritual impetus from the holy place of revolution, to adhere to and inherit firm beliefs and hard struggle. Jinggangshan spirit of seeking truth from facts, daring to break new paths, relying on the masses and daring to win, pours more power sources into the company's leapfrog development, and adds new enabling factors to the growth of the organization.